Networks are becoming more and more important in our daily life. They are all around us but sometimes doors remain closed if we don’t get the proper key or do not belong to the right business circle.

We (at LBC) believe that building bridges between existing business networks generates more value than a single network could ever create. We understand your needs and give you the tools for efficient networking.

By joining LBC, you will become member of a diversified international community driven by the same spirit of success and mutual support. Besides, you will have instant access to the global LBC member directory.

Our goal is to help you to develop your own network by connecting you with other LBC members. We leverage on successful work experiences and build a chain of trust amongst our members. Nearly all nationalities, cultures, business industries and seniority levels are represented within LBC and we are convinced that the added value of our networking concept is the key to success.

Join us and check out the LBC networking events organized in your area or the career opportunities offered on our dedicated job platform.

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